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What makes a former highflying banker quit her job and take-on one of natures true challenges? This film follows Vanessa O'Brien, who takes on a dare from a friend to climb Mt. Everest during the Recession of 2010. Overly confident and without previous climbing experience, she falls short of her first climb. While humbled by this experience and indeed, eating humble pie, she is more determined than ever to prove she can, ending with the ultimate challenge - summiting K2.

From corporate banker to extreme athlete to record-breaking explorer. The film explores the nature of human character, relationships, success, failure, breaking records, stereotypes of women, of age and of sports.

It is an inspiring tale of self-identity and transformation, uncovering the internal struggles and external pressures that lead to a life-altering decision. 

Climbing is a universal metaphor for overcoming obstacles by reaching the top. 


Planned release 2019

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