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kOnneX : the ski film


An experimental ski film starring Lorraine Huber by Hanno Mackowitz.

Ski films present perfect sequences, everything looks so easy and elegant; the line, the conditions and the skier’s skills, everything is in perfect harmony. That's why it is easy to forget how large and difficult a task it is to make all the elements come together perfectly.

The real attraction to the sport comes from the relationship between the rider, his or her skills, and the environment, which when combined, make for exceptional experiences in often cold and hostile surroundings. kOnneX is the continuation of last winter's experimental film Lorraine. The Movie.


Unlike other ski films, this film's focus is on the perfect interaction between the individual elements of snow, ski and skier, and the resulting fluidity when these elements are connected. The film doesn't require dialogue; the long-lasting impression is forged in the sound effects and music, which have been composed specifically for this film. 


A Film By: Hanno Mackowitz

With: Lorraine Huber

Duration: 5'33 min

Lorraine Huber
Lorraine Huber


(Coming Soon)

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