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Never in history has this happened: 4 Arab women are putting it all on the line and attempting to climb to the highest point on Earth.

Everest is notorious for its sub-zero temperatures, avalanches, crevasses and extreme altitude. It’s dangerous. It’s hostile. It’s on the edge of space. And that’s the allure.

In the era of women empowerment, there is no more appropriate time than now for these 4 women to attempt the impossible, break negative stereotypes, spread peace, tolerance, inclusiveness and to demonstrate to women from the Arab world that anything is possible.

The film follows this team of women as they train and prepare for the greatest challenge of their lives. From Saudi, to Lebanon, to Oman. We hear from their families and friends and follow their journey every step of the way.

For some it’s a race to become the first from their country. For others, they’re climbing for a cause. For all of them: it’s a mission to inspire and create lasting change in Arab societies.

Can they all make it? Who will become the first? In the end, Everest will decide.

Produced by: Finding Film Inc. 

Directed by: Elia Saikaly

Executive Producer: Kim Bernhard

Planned release 2019

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